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HLT.05.021.M20  --  Pharmacy Management - Team Leader (Professionals) (M2)

HLT.05.031.P20  --  Registered Staff Pharmacist - Experienced Professional (P2)

HLT.05.033.P20  --  Registered Staff Pharmacist: Remote Pharmacy Services - Experienced Professional (P2)

HLT.05.034.P20  --  Clinical Pharmacist (Healthcare & Health Insurance) - Experienced Professional (P2)

HLT.05.036.P40  --  Nuclear Pharmacist (Healthcare) - Specialist Professional (P4)

HLT.05.045.S10  --  Pharmacy Intern - Entry Para-Professional (S1)

HLT.05.045.S20  --  Pharmacy Intern - Experienced Para-Professional (S2)

HLT.05.045.S30  --  Pharmacy Intern - Senior Para-Professional (S3)

HLT.05.045.S40  --  Pharmacy Intern - Specialist Para-Professional (S4)

HLT.05.046.P10  --  Pharmacy Resident (Healthcare) - Entry Professional (P1)

HLT.05.046.P20  --  Pharmacy Resident (Healthcare) - Experienced Professional (P2)

HLT.05.055.S20  --  Pharmacy Technician (Retail) - Experienced Para-Professional (S2)

HLT.05.056.M10  --  Pharmacy Technician (Healthcare & Life Sciences) - Team Leader (Para-Professionals) (M1)

HLT.05.056.S40  --  Pharmacy Technician (Healthcare & Life Sciences) - Specialist Para-Professional (S4)

HLT.05.059.M10  --  Pharmacy Technician: Specialty - Team Leader (Para-Professionals) (M1)

HLT.05.059.S40  --  Pharmacy Technician: Specialty - Specialist Para-Professional (S4)

HLT.05.060.M10  --  Infusion/Intravenous Pharmacy Technician (Healthcare & Life Sciences) - Team Leader (Para-Professionals) (M1)

HLT.05.060.S40  --  Infusion/Intravenous Pharmacy Technician (Healthcare) - Specialist Para-Professional (S4)

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