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JobRx offers the following FREE email newsletters to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students, interns and anyone who employs this group of pharmacy professionals.


  • JobRxThisWeek: JobRxThisWeek newsletter is sent out bi-weekly and is packed full of great info like the latest featured jobs, the digital edition, and lets not forget the very popular letter from the CEO of JobRx, Kevin Mero!


  • Job Alert Newsletter: Sent out 2 to 3 times a week the Job Alert newsletter highlights one of our latest and hottest job openings that is featured on our popular Jet Setter Pharmacist Blog post.


  • Employer Weekly: The Advertising Promotions & Announcements email newsletter is sent out weekly to subscribed employers, and promotes the current JobRx advertising specials, upcoming events, bonus mailings, success stories, and featured products.


  • Ad Agent Weekly: Ad Agents can get our weekly sales promotions by e-mail with our circulation schedule, success stories, upcoming events, rates, and special deals.

To subscribe to any or all of our email newsletters, simply click the Subscribe button below and complete our quick registration form.

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