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3 Reasons NOT to Copy Your Resume Summary
Into Your LinkedIn About Section!

By: Brenda Bernstein

Curriculum Vitae

Many people on LinkedIn make the mistake of copying their resume summary statements into their LinkedIn About/Summary section. There are three major problems with this strategy:

Problem #1: Trite Phrases

Often your resume summary is laden with overused phrases like “Results-oriented team player with a proven track record…” or “Dynamic, motivated self-starter with extensive experience…”


If your resume summary looks anything like the above examples, please rewrite it. Or hire a professional resume writer if necessary! This type of language belongs neither on your resume nor in your LinkedIn profile.


Problem #2: LinkedIn About Section Real Estate

You have 2000 characters at your disposal for a LinkedIn About section, vs. three to four lines maximum for your resume summary. Why would you choose not to use all that real estate to say something – really say something – about yourself?

Problem #3: Keywords

Your LinkedIn About section is an essential place for you to insert keywords to be found on LinkedIn. By inserting a 3-line summary, you lose out on your chance to build keywords into your profile.


Resume Summary Example – For Resumes Only

Here’s an example of a very strong resume summary statement that does NOT belong in a LinkedIn About section. (Note: I DO like this statement as a resume summary statement – in fact I wrote it!):


LeeAnn Dance – Producer – Writer – Editor


Award-winning television producer and groundbreaking investigative reporter – experience covering issues ranging from pre-election to international news, with special emphasis on East Africa. Creator and writer of highly acclaimed documentaries and promotional videosfor non-profit organizations. Eight years as producer for CNN.


LinkedIn About Section Example – Great Model!

What would a LinkedIn About section look like for LeaAnn? Here is the statement we wrote for her:


► Award-winning investigative and documentary television producer


Video production and broadcast journalism have been my passions for over 20 years, ever since receiving my MS in Journalism from Columbia University. I have produced everything from groundbreaking news stories for CNN to promotional videos for non-profit organizations, and an internet radio show for individuals relaunching their careers.


My journalism background gave me the ability to distill a large amount of material and hone in on what’s true and important. I can pinpoint the real message that needs to be conveyed, creating a human story that moves and inspires an audience.


► Promotional Videos for Non-Profit Organizations


As a freelance video producer, I specialize in creating high caliber, professional and creative promotional videos for non-profit and educational organizations. I understand the budgetary constraints of non-profit organizations and will work within a range of budgets and scope of work.

Funders respond to high quality video presentations that effectively convey your organization’s message. I will take your message, target it, and transform it into a concise and meaningful array of pictures, words, and sounds. You will then have the power of an impactful video to present your organization’s activities at fundraising events and through the web.


► Back in Force


In addition to being a TV and video producer, I was a stay-at-home mom for seven years, and I am committed to providing resources to women who are returning to the workforce.

My Back in Force blog chronicled my journey and shared information about the return-towork process., including tips on writing your resume, updating skills, and preparing your family for re-entry.


Check out the archives for my BlogTalk radio show on relaunching your career, with guests including authors, career counselors, therapists, and employers. ( The show is currently on hiatus.


What works about this LinkedIn About Section Example?

  1. Conveys LeeAnn’s story and her passion (the resume summary does not).

  2. Contains multiple keywords that will get LeeAnn found on LinkedIn.

  3. Covers the different facets of what LeeAnn has to offer.

  4. Draws the eye to sub-headings so that readers can easily see what LeeAnn is about. The text is broken into bite-sized pieces, not so blocky that no one will read it.

  5. Has a call to action.



Note that the resume summary does NONE of these five things, even though it is perfectly great as a resume summary.


Can you write a LinkedIn About section for yourself that accomplishes at least four out of the five functions listed above? If yes, great – go for it! If you need help, consider contacting The Essay Expert for a free 15-minute consultation. We will be happy to write you a LinkedIn About section that will help you get found on LinkedIn and have the impact you want on the people who read your profile.

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