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Pharmacy Technician - Procurement

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Job Ref:  362159000
Employer:  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
City:  Columbia
State:  South Carolina (SC)
Position type:  Full-Time
The Pharmacy Service is seeking a Pharmacy Procurement Technician. Incumbent is the specialist in the area of Pharmacy Inventory Management. Performs a variety of inventory control and related duties in support of the purchasing function of the department. Primary duties include but are not limited to: controls and maintains records, ordering, receiving and storing pharmacy inventory, maintaining proper inventory levels, and ensuring correct billing from pharmaceutical and supply vendors. Incumbent must be certified by the National Pharmacy Certification Board.

Procurement duties include: 1. Ensures replenishment of stock/supplies for assigned support areas is timely to meet the needs. Ensures receipt of all goods/services ordered. 2. Ensures that orders are delivered promptly and reconciled within the required time frame after the related payment hitting the local financial management system. 3. Ensures adherence to all Federal, VA, and local acquisition regulations for medication/supply procurement. 4. Completes credit card transactions in accordance with all regulations and associated dollar limits. Verifies funds availability prior to placing any orders, and maintains adequate supporting documentation for all transactions. Safeguards credit card from misuse. 5. Ensures cost effective purchases routinely purchasing on VA contract and reviewing orders for less costly alternatives. Routinely utilizes Prime Vendor tools to ensure cost effective purchases. 6. Provides budgetary oversight by monitoring fund control point daily to ensure accuracy of data input. Maintains communication with pharmacy management and fiscal service regarding any budgetary variances. 7. Assures the prompt conversion to contract items as changes are communicated nationally. 8. Works with pharmacy staff and pharmacy supervisors to ensure shortage policies are followed. Researches manufacturer shortages' as reported by the Prime Vendor. Communicates shortage information as appropriate. 9. Works closely with staff to ensure timely delivery of medications during an emergency. 11. Assures rapid and accurate response to all drug recalls and follows through with actions as appropriate. 12. Ensures purchases are made to ensure changes in inventory do not affect automation. 13. Maintain an electronic log of non-hazardous medications to ensure proper disposition of those medications. 15. Maintain log of all non-controlled medications for destruction and those returned for credit. Reconciles returns with credit issued. Other Duties (As appropriate to Inpatient/Outpatient Settings): Assembles and packages drugs and supplies for distribution. Assist with prescription fills in the outpatient pharmacy to include; maintaining/restocking automated equipment (i.e., Script Pro, etc); replenishing printer labels, working at the outpatient window, and any other duty as assigned. Administrative Functions: 1. Performs monthly reviews of pharmacy stock areas to ensure life safety codes are met( i.e., cardboard boxes off the floor, boxes not stacked within 18 inches of sprinkler heads, clear exit pathways, no corrugated boxes, etc). 2. Performs weekly inspections of the VA Cache to ensure compliance with VA Directive. 3. Attends required safety training programs and can describe his/her responsibilities related to general and departmental safety, and specific job related hazards. 4. Demonstrates respect/regard for the dignity of patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible, and courteous environment.5. Supports the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of the Medical Center and actively participate in Performance Improvement activities. Identifies opportunities to take immediate actions that are intended to increase the patient's level of satisfaction or exceed the patient's expectations of service.

Tour to Duty: Monday Friday, 8:30 am 5:00 pm. May be required to work some week-ends/ holidays during periods of staffing shortages.

BASIC Requirements:
Citizenship. Citizen of the United States. Education or Experience. A high school diploma or equivalent; or at least 3 months experience. Certification. Certification by the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is required at grades GS-6 and above. Physical Requirements. Must pass pre-employment physical exam. English Language Proficiency. Pharmacy technicians appointed to direct patient care positions must be proficient in spoken and written English.

Preferred Experience: A minimum of one year inventory control or purchasing experience in a healthcare institution is preferred.


Creditable Experience. To be creditable, the experience must have required the use of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics associated with the scope of pharmacy technician practice. Quality of Experience. To be creditable, pharmacy technician experience must be documented on the application and verified in an employment reference, or through other independent means. Part-time Experience. Part-time experience as a pharmacy technician is credited according to its relationship to the full-time workweek. For example, a pharmacy technician would receive 1 week of full-time credit for each 2 weeks of half-time work.
In addition to the basic requirements for the occupation, applicants must also meet the GS-7 grade level requirements.
GS-6: Experience. One year experience at the next lower level (GS-5), and must fully meet the KSAs at the next lower level. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate the following technical KSAs and the potential to acquire the assignment specific KSAs designated by an asterisk (*): 1. Ability to solve problems and make recommendations, e.g., troubleshoot operational problems and refer for appropriate action. 2. Knowledge of the operation and care of automated equipment. 3. Knowledge of, and ability to follow, written instructions for compounding with aseptic technique for hazardous materials such as oncology agents. 4. Knowledge, and ability to perform, compounding with aseptic technique for routine sterile products. 5. Knowledge of policies and procedures for inventory management in specialized areas such as emergency carts. 6. Knowledge of the computerized prescription process demonstrated by the ability to input prescriptions and medication orders. Certification. PTCB certification is required at this grade level and above. Assignments. Pharmacy technicians may be assigned to any area of the pharmacy including expanded distributive function assignments; for example assignment as team leaders for specific process improvement teams involving technical areas or performing more highly complex duties including preparation of oncology agents for clinical pharmacy specialists. For all assignments above the full performance level, the higher-level duties must consist of significant scope, complexity (difficulty), and range of variety, and be performed by the incumbent at least 25% of the time.
GS-7: Experience. One year experience at the next lower level (GS-6) and must fully meet the KSAs at the next lower level. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate the following technical KSAs and the potential to acquire the assignment specific KSAs designated by an asterisk (*): *1. Ability to evaluate, analyze workflow, and coordinate work activities. 2. Ability to independently gather, evaluate, and analyze data to generate reports and/or for other projects/statistical purposes. 3. Knowledge of pharmacy policies and procedures sufficient to train and orient new employees and other staff. 4. Comprehensive knowledge of the operation and care of specialized pharmaceutical equipment. 5. Comprehensive knowledge of the procurement and formulary process. 6. Comprehensive knowledge of investigational drug policies and procedures. 7. Comprehensive knowledge of controlled substance policies and procedures, and the ability to identify and investigate discrepancies in these policies and procedures. 8. Comprehensive knowledge of, and ability to, analyze data in VA information systems. Pharmacy technicians at this grade level may be assigned as a supervisor; lead technician in a particular area of the pharmacy; a controlled substance technician; an investigational drug technician; a procurement/inventory management technician; a clinical pharmacy technician; or similar assignment with this level of complexity. The GS-7 level is for select, complex pharmacy technician positions, as established by each health care facility. To be advanced, employees must meet all of the following standards, provided the standard is part of their assignment. Determinations concerning placement of positions at this grade level shall take into consideration the skill mix and the availability of supervision in the work unit. Although these positions are under the supervision of a pharmacist, employees in such settings successfully and consistently demonstrate the exercise of independent technical judgment (without the need for readily available supervision) as well as comprehensive and thorough working knowledge of the most complex or difficult practices and procedures. Such individuals may also serve as leaders or co-leaders in a Pharmacy Service or for a specific unit or section.

Reference:VA Handbook 5005/15, Part II, Appendix G28, Pharmacy Technician Qualification Standard, dated March 17, 2006.
Physical Requirements: Requires moderate lifting (15-30 pounds); moderate carrying (15-30 pounds); use of fingers; both hands required; walking (4 hours); standing (4 hours); both legs required; near vision correctable at 13 to 16 to Jaeger 1 to 4; far vision correctable in one eye to 20/20 and to 20/40 in the other; ability to distinguish basic colors; ability to distinguish shades of colors; mental and emotional stability required.

1. CV or Resume.
2. VA Form 10-2850c - Application for Associated Health Occupations (Available at ). This is a required form and must be submitted. Applicants who fail to submit will be rated ineligible for consideration. Additionally, applicants who fail to provide a complete and detailed explanation in response to any question (28-37) in which your answer is "Yes" will also be rated ineligible for consideration. This response should be provided on a separate sheet of paper as instructed on the form.
3. Online Questionnaire.
4.Latest SF-50 - Notification of Personnel Action to document current permanent VA employment (applicants will be rated ineligible if not submitted).
5. Copy of PTCB certification (applicants will be rated ineligible if not submitted).
6. Copy of latest performance appraisal.

Faxing Applications or Supporting Documents:

You are encouraged to apply online. Applying online will allow you to review and track the status of your application.

NOTE: If you applied online and your application is complete,do not fax the paper application (1203FX) as this will overwrite your prior online responses and may result in you being found ineligible.

If you completed the occupational questionnaire online and are unable to upload supporting document(s):

  1. To fax your documents, you must use the following cover page and provide the required information. The Vacancy ID is 1054089.
  2. Fax your documents to 1-478-757-3144.
If you cannot complete the Application Package online, you may fax all of your materials. The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 to receive consideration. Keep a copy of your fax confirmation in the event verification is needed.

To complete the occupational questionnaire and submit via fax:

  1. Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire
  2. Print the 1203FX form, follow the instructions and provide your responses to the occupational questionnaire items .
  3. Fax the completed 1203FX form along with any supporting documents to 1-478-757-3144. Your 1203FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission.
Please do not mail or e-mail application material. Apply on-line or via fax.
If you require a Reasonable Accommodation, please contact the Chief of Human Resources at 803-776-4000 ext 6520.

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